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Girl, your not the only one thinking that. She looks closer to him than Val. Lol I guess the world will never now.

Thank God! Yes it somehow really seems like that! No offense to her ofc.

I agree about maks and j 😂 shes always draped all over him 😉

True she is!


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I am starting to think Maks and Jenna have a thing…I am not even joking 😁😂

Kaz is getting ready for September 1st 😜






Zendaya & Val’s hugging is too adorable!!!!! how can you not love this!?:))  #Valdaya

How about oliver has a thing for his 13 year olds best friends mom, felicity. But one day, his daughter is having a teenage mid life crisis and Oliver has no idea how to handle it so he has no choice but to call felicity asking for help.

Thank you for the prompt! :) 

Oliver had a lot of work in QC so he had to ask his mother to pick up his daughter from school.

Even if Emma was already 13 years old, he still didn’t trust her going home alone especially being Queen and on radar of rather noisy paparazzi all the time.

He was a single father but he tried his best to be there for his daughter. He stopped overworking himself. He usually left his office just in time to pick up Emma from school. 

Fortunately in situations like today he had friends and family to take care of young Queen.

Also his daughter had a best friend Melanie who was also 13 and raised by a single mother, very beautiful, smart and kind mother Oliver had to add.

He might have a little crush on Felicity, Melanie’s Smoak mother. It was hard to say they were really close but due to friendship of their daughters their paths crossed more than few times.

Oliver walked to his very luxurious penthouse and before he could take his jacket off his mother greeting him.

"Oliver we have a problem." Moira said rather concerned.

"What’s wrong? Where is Emma?" Oliver took off his jacket and walked into living room looking for his daughter.

"Calm down it’s not that kinda of problem." Moira said as her son looked at her raising his eyebrow.

"She came back from school locked herself in the room and refused to talk to me or eat." Older Queen looked worried and upset but also hurt. "I don’t know what happened but it really upset her."

Oliver sighed as he run his hand through his face. He calmed down knowing his daughter wasn’t in danger. “Alright I will go talk to her, thank you.” He leaned and kissed his mother cheek.

"Call me if you need anything." She send him a smile small and within seconds she was out of the apartment.

Oliver walked to his daughter’s room and knocked lightly.

"Em, can I come in?" 

He heard some movements and lock being unlocked and then a weak ‘Come in’.

He stepped in and saw Emma on the bed with her face towards wall.

"Hey grandma told me you came back upset from school what happened?" He sat on the bed and put his hand on her shoulder.

He could feel her sobbing lightly. “Liam didn’t invite me for the dance.” She managed to let out between sobs.

So this was about some boy. Oliver took deep breath. He really hope that he still had like year or two ahead from problems like that.

"And that made you so sad?" He asked just to be sure.

"Yes!" She said louder turning her head away to look at her father. "He didn’t choose me cause I am not pretty enough."

That broke Oliver’s heart. “Sweetheart” He rubbed her arm. “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen if that guy doesn’t see that it’s his loss.” He wanted to do everything to take that pain away from her little heart.

"You say that cause I am your daughter." She puffed wiping her tears.

"No, I say what I see." He touched her cheek.

"No." She shook her head. "No guy will ever ask me anywhere." She turned around. "If I only had mom to tell me how to be pretty." She added quietly.

It hurt Oliver to hear those words. He tried his best to be everything Emma will ever need but he was aware someday it won’t be enough.

He wanted to say something but his daughter quiet voice interrupted him. “Can you leave me alone? I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” 

Even if his guts were telling him he shouldn’t do that he stood up and left her room. 

After he sat in the kitchen and thinking hard he decided he needed some help. There was no much women in Oliver’s life besides the one he worked with and some he went out few times but that was it, no one he could truly rely on at least not someone really close to him.

But she had a daughter and she was a single parent to if someone was able to help him it had to be her.

So he took his phone and dialed a number.

"Hey sorry I am calling so late." He said when person on the other line picked up.

"No it’s fine." He heard sweet and warm voice. "Is everything okay Oliver?" Felicity asked him.

"No." He said quietly and then sighed. "Emma got back from school and she is crying cause some guy called Liam" You could hear a disgust in his voice. "didn’t ask her out to dance and…" He stopped sighing again. "I am sorry I shouldn’t call you." 

"No, no it’s okay." Felicity replied quickly. "Do you want me to come over and talk to her?" She was sincere in her question.

"Could you do that? I wouldn’t want to trouble you." Oliver eve as being always so composed hesitate.

"Of course." Even if he couldn’t see her he was sure she was smiling. "Mel is at her father today so I will be there in 10."

"Thank you." Was all that Oliver said before the line went dead.

As told Felicity was there ten minutes later. She walked in as Oliver took her jacket.

"Would you like something to drink?" He offered.

"No thank you." She smiled at him. "She is in her room?"

Oliver nodded and Felicity knowing the way as it wasn’t her first time at Queen’s apartment due to many sleepovers girls had made her way straight to Emma’s bedroom.

Oliver wasn’t sure how long Felicity was gone. He was trying to relax and not go listen to girls conversation on the couch then he heard footsteps and then a presence behind him.

"Done." Felicity smiled at him.

"Really?" Oliver stood up and walked up to her.

Felicity laughed shortly. “Yeah you know us women we have our ways.” She winked at him.

He could feel that wink somewhere deep in his bones. Yes he was definitely attracted to Felicity Smoak.

"If it’s all you needed I will head out." Somehow she became shy all of sudden looking down at her feet.

"Would you like to stay for a glass of wine?" He finally managed to ask her something he wanted since the first time she stepped into his penthouse.

She looked up at him blinking few times as a light blush spread over her cheeks making Oliver smile warmly at her.

"Yes." She bit her lip.

His smile grew even bigger as he put his hand on her elbow and guided her to the couch.

He disappeared just for a minute coming back with wine and two glasses. 

"Thank you." She said when he gave her a glass.

He shook his head smiling. “I should be the one thanking.” He sat next to her on the couch.

She lift her lips in a soft smile. “I know how it is Oliver to be a single parent and trust me sometimes I need a help, man hand so I know how it is.” Instinctively her hand landed on top of his that was lying on the backseat of the couch.

He looked at their hands and then and at her and there was tat blush he loved so much. He grinned at her twisting his hands so their fingers interlinked.

"What help do you need?" He asked.

Felicity let out a sighed. “Mels wants to go horse riding and I am terrified of horses and I said I won’t let her go alone no matter of instructors and bunch of people there and she was mad at me for like a week.” Felicity grimaced. “Her father loved to do that so I guess she got that one after him.”

Before Oliver could suggest anything he wanted to know all the facts. “Can’t her father go with her?” He asked her.

Felicity snorted with sarcasm. “He barely have time to even talk to her.” She became sadder. “She is there with him till tomorrow because he is in the town but the next time she will see him will be probably in few months.” Felicity looked at Oliver. “He is a busy businessman.” There was a lot of hurt and disappointment in her voice.

Oliver wanted to say that he in fact was a businessman too but there was nothing more important to him than making time for his daughter.

"I can take her." He said before he would change his mind, not that he wanted anyway.

"What?" Felicity seemed surprised.

"Me and Emma goes to this stud once in a while, she is an excellent rider and I am not bad myself." He smiled. "It will be a pleasure to take Melanie with us not mentioning Emma will be thrilled.

Felicity wasn’t sure what she should say or do she was stunned by the man in front of her a man she developed a crush on but never had guts to say or do something about it.

"That would mean the world to Mel" Felicity looked at him biting her lip. "and me." she added quietly.

Oliver brought their interlinked hand to his mouth kissing it gently. “If you will need any kind of help ever don’t hesitate to come to me okay?” He looked honestly into her eyes.

"Okay." She nodded smiling softly.

They carried on with the conversation and wine and until Felicity said she had to go.

They didn’t parted tho with a promise to repeat their little meeting some day with a hope of adding dinner and a walk to the plate.

Oliver was in his bed slowing drifting into sleep when he felt his bed cracking. He knew exactly who it was.

He opened his one eye and saw Emma’s curled on the side looking at him.

"Hey." He said gently.

"Thank you." She leaned and kissed his cheek.

"For what?" He blinked surprised.

"Calling aunt Felicity." Emma smiled at him.

It was the realest smile he has seen from her the whole day.

"You like her huh?" He asked changing his position so he was facing her as well.

"I do." Emma nodded. "She is the best with advice and she is Mel’s mom." She said the most obvious thing. "Do you like her dad?"

He knew his daughter meant more to the question than just a simply sympathy.

"I do." He answered honestly.

"Are you planing on doing something about it?" Emma’s eyes shone with hope.

Oliver laughed as he covered her with a sheet. “Go to sleep.” He kissed her head.

"Daaaad!" Emma whined but giggled.

"What I and aunt Felicity will do it between us okay?" He cocked his head.

"Fine." Em wasn’t happy with an answer but she let it go or Oliver thought so. "Just so you know I totally approve." She smiled showing him all her teeth.

Oliver shook his head smiling. He had no doubt his or Felicity’s daughter approved.

It didn’t change when he asked Felicity out and then when he proposed to her and they definitely approved when their little brother Tommy came into the world.