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My name is Paulina but everyone calls me Lina :) This blog is manily about two amazing people known together as Valdaya <3 Welcome in my world of hardcore shipping, once you enter there is no going back ;))
Heart knows better

I have some free time on vacation and i want to do some edits but i cant make proper screenshots on my phone, will any girl mind if i borrow hers? (pictures in general)


Part of Putcha Body Down & Treasure


Val and Z’s Salsa…prepare yourselves!

@Zendaya: tryna insinuate that it was me…. #itwasntme 😂😂😂😂 @iamvalc

Ughfdhklhgj can this two idiots do not interrupt my vacation! Seriously just admit you love each other!! Grinning muffons!

Anyway my lovely shippers who attend SWAY have fun boos!! And watch closely if maybe V lips slips on Z yk accidentally ;) xD


Treasure, that is what you are


Babe, don’t swing those elbows.

Could you possibly do vertigo by Jordan Sparks and Jason Derulo with a RNA feel to it?

I am going on vacation today and i won’t be on much till Sunday soo i can’t do it now and adding to this i have no idea what RNA is ;o but i will might get to do this while i get back :)

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