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My name is Paulina but everyone calls me Lina :) This blog is manily about two amazing people known together as Valdaya <3 Welcome in my world of hardcore shipping, once you enter there is no going back ;))
Heart knows better

Haha I love this!!


And I just wonder who the other three people are on Z’s “I’m a hottie and I know it” pic lol 😎

Chmerkovskiy’s love :D


Z retweeted and favorited Val’s tweet


So just to bring everyone up to speed that’s.

3 Z related favs and four Z related tweets/retweets from Mr obvious today.



But notice all the oooo like there’s not enough words to express how proud he is …to the moon and back ❤️This Guy


So amusing his obvious is showing … is this Z’s twitter page 😏❤️


an arrow social media au


Z doesn't have a license so her parents pretty much have to go everywhere with her because they drive her and I don't think Kaz would trust her going in a car service alone and V calls Claire his west coast mom so I'm sure they were there for support as well

I think that anon meant that she could come with her friend who can drive or Val himself but like i said and you did i am sure they wanted to support him as well :)

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