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My name is Paulina but everyone calls me Lina :) This blog is manily about two amazing people known together as Valdaya <3 Welcome in my world of hardcore shipping, once you enter there is no going back ;))
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Happy 18th birthday Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman | September 1st 1996

Happy 18th birthday Zendaya! ♥

"I am gonna miss you. I am gonna miss you too"

How it all went 

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Dont know if you are still taking prompts for Valdaya. The photo booth and T party could make a great one shot. V/Z taking pictures and I could see silly pics turn to their first kiss. I don't know where I read it, but the booth wasn't giving the guest picture but the picture going to be given to T himself.

This was so much fun. The photo booth was an excellent idea, everyone had so much fun in there especially when Zendaya crushed almost every pictures that some group was taking and no one absolutely minded.

The rule was tho that you couldn’t take pictures with you, all were given to Trevor and what he was going to do with it later was up to him.

Zendaya noticed someone occupying the photo booth and without giving it a second thought and checking who was there she decided to crash another shoot.

"Hey!" She opened the curtain to see no one else but Val smiling at her. Her hand dropped and a curious look appeared on her face.

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Can you please write a prompt where z and v go on a trip to Barcelona for a romantic getaway and he wants to make her first time special ❤️ pls

I am gonna write this one for sure! I don’t know if you chose it on purpose but Barcelona is my place! I fell in love with it when I was there :) I am gonna post this as separate post not as an answer and I need more time to finish it but yeah just letting you know this will happen and it will be obviously a smut! So thank you for the prompt <3

Bethany Mota is paired with Derek.. Val got Janel :)

I have no idea who Bethany is :O and well I am fairly familiar with Janel :) As long as Val is happy I am too! Thx for the info! <3

How about val and z sneaking away during the party for alone time

"Hey man!" Trevor walked up to Val patting his back.

"Hey! Happy birthday." They made some kind of man hand shake.

"Thank you. Are you enjoying yourself?" Trevor asked him.

"Of course." Val smiled. "You know I treat you guys like my own family." Then his eyes wander around the room.

"You do because of her." Birthday boy grinned.

Val opened his mouth wanting to say something. It wasn’t a surprise that Val’s eyes followed Zendaya around the room. Everyone see it but also they got used to how protective he was of his former dance partner.

"It’s not like that…" Val chose his words carefully.

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