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My name is Paulina but everyone calls me Lina :) This blog is manily about two amazing people known together as Valdaya <3 Welcome in my world of hardcore shipping, once you enter there is no going back ;))
Heart knows better

Like always i am late to the party BUT let me just say how amazing it is for Z to come exactly when Val was struggling with something i mean idc who called who or who made that decision i just mean in situation like that you support the most important people for you so let that sink and second they got 40! Does that mean Z is no bad luck anymore? ;)

whats so special about Valdaya? In the recent pics when V comes to visit Z on set, you see the smile Z has. That is only there when shes with V. And you see how happy she is when shes dancing with him, and she. smiles like that. Its just special. I. never see her like this with anyone. Usually she makes like funny faces Around her friends but when shes around V, she cannot hold in that smile. And thats what makes me love valdaya. Its like her world lights up around him. He makes her happy.

Yes thats so true and what is equally amazing is that she does that for him too. I love his look and smile when he is around her I think they truly make each other happy :)

Is it bad that I'm ready for it to be February so it's their 2 yr " famiversary" again so that someone in the fandom can create an awesome collage of pics of their relationship over the past 2 years.

No I think it’s actually normal to wish for things like that :) And by someone you mean someone particular? ;D I think it will be awesome to sup up all the times they meet and support each other giving till February/March we will get many more of them!

.. sorry ... granted he in jeans and a hoodie.. but those shoes... come on man that is Mr Ace
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